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What is fly ash

Fly ash is the fine ash powder produced and collected at coal-fired power plants. When coal is ground and injected into burning chambers, it ignites and produces two types of ash: bottom ash and fly ash. As the names suggest, bottom ash, with its larger and heavier particle sizes, falls to the bottom of the combustion chamber whereas fly ash “flies” up with the exhaust stream. Fly ash is then filtered out and collected prior to the exhaust being released to the atmosphere. Fly ash develops cementitious properties when mixed with cement and water, making it the ideal supplementary cementitious material (SCM) for numerous concrete and cementing applications.

Ash Beneficiation

As energy producers are shifting away from coal fired generation, we are faced with a decline in the production of fly ash from existing power plants. Additionally, utilities are experiencing increased scrutiny regarding coal ash disposal. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency is challenging utilities to close or relocate their ash impoundments, a daunting and costly task with aggressive compliance timelines. Ash beneficiation from coal ash ponds and landfills is the solution to the growing demand for Coal Combustion Products (CCPs). Learn how Ashcor engineered a solution to address this shifting landscape. 

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Common Uses For Our Fly Ash

Through its unique properties, fly ash offers many benefits over a wide variety of applications. Take a look at the most common uses of Ashcor fly ash.